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Content Management

We can custom-build a Content Management System to suit your needs, giving you the desired amount of control over your website content.

Our standard CMS add-on gives you the ability to:

  • Edit and lay out text and apply styling
  • Insert photos and manage a photo gallery
  • Insert hyperlinks
  • Upload documents
  • Embed media from third party sites e.g. YouTube

You can choose what additional features you need. A custom CMS will be built to allow you to do anything you require, such as;

  • Manage an online events calendar
  • Operate a products database & online store
  • Create & send email newsletters

Why choose Design Sense?

There are many free online solutions out there today for managing your website content, as well as free website creation tools. Although the invisible price tag can make them seem appealing, often trying to create and administer a professional website using these free solutions will turn out to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Here at Design Sense, we have been perfecting our own CMS over the last 5 years. We are always seeking ways to improve it and make it more user friendly.

The design edge
Practically ALL of the free solutions out there are template based, and are therefore limited as to what can be done in terms of design customisation. Using our CMS however, we can design you a professional website that is 100% unique to you and is perfectly consistent with your company’s branding.

Simple & easy to use
The main feature that sets us apart from the alternatives is that our CMS uses the interface of your actual website. This means there is no ‘back end’, and you merely have to navigate to the page you wish to edit and click an icon. We have specifically designed our CMS to be as simple and straightforward as possible, to cater for even the most basic level of technical competence. The CMS uses a built-in text editor that functions similar to Microsoft Word, and we can provide you with a detailed instruction manual including screen shots.

No additional software is required for the CMS to work. You can log in and make changes to the website at any time, from any computer, anywhere in the world! This is ideal if multiple people are going to be updating your website. We can also set up multiple login accounts and allow different users access to edit different areas of the website.

We custom-build the CMS for every website we create, to specifically meet the individual needs of each client. We will work closely with you to get your CMS set up correctly right from the beginning, saving you from unnecessary ongoing expenses.

Room for growth
On the other hand, if you wish to expand your website in the future, we can continue building onto your current system, giving you additional features and increased control at a fraction of the cost of a new website.