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Email Newsletters

E-mail newsletters are an excellent marketing tool that is becoming increasingly popular. Here at Design Sense, we have developed an e-newsletter system which contains all the features you need to create and send professional email newsletters. You can also track the effectiveness of your newsletters with the basic in-built statistics, and manage your contact list online.

Our basic e-newsletter system includes the following:

  • Custom newsletter template design
  • E-newsletter system to create, edit & send unlimited email newsletters
  • Ability to send test newsletter to administrator for proofing
  • Sign-up form integrated into your website
  • Basic tracking & statistics

Additional Features

There are many more features available that can be integrated with your email newsletter system either initially, or later down the track. They include;

  • Integration with main website content e.g. news articles, events
  • Organise your contacts into lists
  • More in-depth tracking & statistics
  • Enhanced tools to manage your complete contact list online

The possibilities are endless. Let us know what you'd like to do, and we will make it happen!