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Complete Branding Packages

At Design Sense, we understand that there are different stages in a business life cycle and so we have developed a range of branding packages to suit all budgets, including home-based businesses just venturing out, not-for-profit organisations or community groups and large companies wishing to revitalise their corporate image. We are able to provide assistance with the following:

Below is an outline of our Branding Packages. However if you would like other items included, we can arrange a customized quote.

Biz Basics

$750 + GST

Biz Booster

Biz Basics Package PLUS ...

$1200 + GST

Biz Bonanza

Biz Basics & Booster Packages PLUS ...

$3500 + GST

more graphic design services:

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Time for a makeover? Updating your brand

Design Sense Graphics & Web has considerable experience in refreshing tired brands, or completely rebranding an existing business. Some brands do lose impact over time - colours and styles change, and while a well designed logo should last many years and even decades (think Ford, Uncle Toby's, etc.), changes can be made to revamp an image.

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Branding Your Business

Your brand is the 'face' of your business. Everyone is familiar with iconic international brands, such as Nike and CocaCola, but who is to say that your brand won't be just as successful? Consistency and creative marketing are all it takes! Your business branding will help you stand out from the crowd and demand attention from your current and potential clients, as well as your competitors.

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