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Time for a makeover? Updating your brand

Design Sense Graphics & Web has considerable experience in refreshing tired brands, or completely rebranding an existing business. Some brands do lose impact over time - colours and styles change, and while a well designed logo should last many years and even decades (think Ford, Uncle Toby's, etc.), changes can be made to revamp an image. When rebranding occurs, there are usually some elements that are retained eg. Colours or fonts, or perhaps part of the logo, while others are changed. This helps to provide a link from the old to the new, and allows for continuity in the minds of the clients. It may also help to minimise the cost, eg. The whole building may not need repainting if the corporate colours remain the same. Refreshing a logo may be quite subtle, but it can make a big difference.

Alternatively, when considering rebranding, it may be a good opportunity to look at everything you do and assess if it is still 'working'. Reasons for considering a complete rebranding process may include:

  • Repositioning the business in a changed market
  • Modernising an outdated look
  • Managing internal or external change - eg. Incorporating a new look to include additional services, expanded range of products.

At Design Sense Graphics & Web, we believe that a unique and professional brand should be available to every business; whether you are a home based bookkeeper, or a multinational corporation, you deserve to have a creative and 'WOW' visual brand. All businesses start small - we want to give you the best opportunity to become one of the BIG brands.

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